Social responsability

At Bhblasted we want to grow together with the context in which we fit. For this reason, we are committed to limit negative impacts on society and the environment as much as possible, helping to generate added value in the community.


In 2022, we evolved into a Benefit Company, a better suited legal form to represent our founding values and long-standing commitment. As a Benefit Company, the well-being of our workers is a priority and, in ensuring this, we carry forward values of fairness, equality and inclusion.

We aim to create a workplace that is not just a simple office, but a hotbed of ideas for young talents and innovators. We want to create an environment that puts the individual first and that sees diversity as an important advantage and opportunity for growth. 


We continually question ourselves about the right actions to take in order to increase our sustainability on an economic, social and environmental level.

We recognize the limits of our business, as well as those imposed by economic growth, and we try to act consciously by setting short and long-term objectives to ensure growth that respects environmental and social ecosystems.


Awareness is the basis of our commitment.

  • Our next objective is to trace our impacts on the territory to mitigate them, giving support to social and environmental protection projects.
  • We are committed to creating transparent communication with all our stakeholders and the community, by sharing our annual impact report and sharing our achievements.
  • We carefully choose our suppliers and partners to ensure respect for human rights and environmental protection throughout our supply chain and production chain.

The courage to act

At Bhblasted we know that it is important to decide which side you are on. We aim for the transition towards sustainable development with courageous and conscious market choices, including circular economy practices in our businesses.


Our choices are aimed at responsible management of resources. We aim to limit waste and overproduction of products and services, using circular, lean and innovative production models, such as the Just in time model.

We are continually looking for more sustainable solutions to reduce our emissions and the production of waste. For example, we carefully evaluate the fabrics and materials used in the production of our garments and we are introducing awareness courses on IT pollution to reduce our digital carbon footprint.


Change is necessary to grow. As an innovation-oriented company, we direct our efforts to adapt ourselves to change and imagine the future, we want to anticipate and shape it around our ambitions and efforts. We are continuously ahead of the digital world and its fast changing nature, evolving with mindfulness and continuous improvement.


For us, training is the key to growth.

We believe in a continuous enrichment of skills that go hand in hand with a rapidly changing world, supporting our workers on this path.

We provide training courses on topics such as inclusion and sustainability because there can be no change and evolution without awareness. We encourage personal growth with tailored career paths focused on individual needs and possibilities.

Embracing change


The future is a possibility of improvement and at Bhblasted we embrace this challenge. In the short term we aim to map our impacts and analyze the carbon footprints of our products and services, in order to compensate and regenerate, in the long term, the resources used in our business. How? Through concrete activities, participation in programs and creation of partnerships with social, local, and environmental entities that deal with regeneration and inclusion.

At the same time, we have embarked on the path to becoming a B Corp, a further and fundamental recognition that transparently guarantees our commitment to the environment and people.