Social responsability

Bhblasted is committed to creating a positive impact on society and the planet by generating shared value.


The Bhblasted group was born with a strong environmental, social and civil vocation. It has always pursued the objectives of safeguarding biodiversity and the future of the planet, valorizing the territory, supporting local and national companies, security and transparency in relations with each of its stakeholders.


Respect for nature and people are the points of reference for all our strategies. We have made people the solution to business needs thanks to a human-centric creative approach, expressed by each of our business units.


We think that a product or service not only has to be environmentally friendly but, especially, it must be useful to human beings.
The promotion of responsible business management has materialized in the natural evolution of our corporate statute into a Benefit Company.

The courage to act

The Group guarantees the sustainable development of its supply chain through bold and conscious choices.


Our choices have always been guided by responsible management of resources. Some of these include the reduction of emissions and our ecological footprint, the continuous research of eco-sustainable materials and fabrics, the use of safe raw materials that respect nature, the development of solutions in accordance with European and international regulations.


We generate positive change in all sectors affected by our companies: tech, digitalization, fashion industry, streamlined production and logistics management.


Our corporate culture promotes inclusiveness, empathy and equity. We support the training of young emerging talents while respecting diversity and mutual enrichment.

Towards change


The Bhblasted Group is developing ways to measure and collect data on its environmental impact. At the same time, it embarked on the path to becoming a Bcorp, a further and fundamental recognition to guarantee the transparency of each of its sectors.