We make art to wear


A digital native brand that adopts innovative and eco-sustainable solutions to produce high-quality streetwear clothing.

With internalized production, it satisfies its customers’ requests within 3-5 days of purchase, ensuring an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Since 2013 we have consolidated our presence on the Italian and European digital markets thanks to the uniqueness of our design and the scalability of our business model.


Digital Native Vertical Brand

We were born online.
We have no borders.


Direct To Consumer

What we create is sent directly to the customer, without intermediaries and unnecessary consumption.


Just In Time

We produce only what is ordered in 48/72 hours. Resource consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum.

Our Approach

Just In Time business model and production

Each model is transformed into infinite articles thanks to the diversification of printing and applications. 10 starting models create over 3000 references in the catalogue.

Just in time production and direct sales give us many advantages compared to the traditional industry, allowing us to concentrate all our efforts on the quality of our garments and their speed of marketing.



Traditional industry


Fast Slow Fashion
0% Stock. 0% Waste.

At Blowhammer we know that protecting the planet is serious business.

But any model didn’t satisfy us, we wanted an alternative to fast fashion compatible with our vision. This is why we built it ourselves by adopting eco-innovative strategies since its foundation in 2013.

"Being green has always been part of our vision and our ethics. We grew first as people and then as a company"

Salvatore Sinigaglia

CEO & Founder

"Being green has always been part of our vision and our ethics. We grew first as people and then as a company"

Salvatore Sinigaglia

CEO & Founder


We have reduced polluting emissions by 70% by using activated carbon that filters the air emitted during one of the printing phases


We only use certified non-toxic inks without chemical solvents.
[ECO PASSPORT] Certification label No. NEP 1604


We make the garments only after purchase, eliminating overproduction and reducing emissions by a further 30% every year.


We select only recyclable materials that ensure the durability of both the garment and the prints over time.


We give new life to production waste by donating it free of charge to specialized laboratories for their reuse.


Through our Re-generate program we recycle items that our customers no longer use.

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