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For over ten years Tissquad has been passionately dedicated to the creation and customization of clothing for third parties, printing on fabrics and print on demand.

Today, thanks to the trust of our customers, we successfully manage the entire product production cycle, up to and including integrated logistics services.


Our customers can choose one or more services and compose the one best suited to their needs and the nature of their commercial activity. It will be our experts’ responsibility to indicate the best and most advantageous solution.

Optimized management

We reduce costs and production times with flexible planning of the entire production cycle. Thanks to our decades of experience we have an integrated, safe and efficient coordination system.

Team of
industry experts

We make use of skills gained over years of activity in the printing sector. Our experts will always be at your side to answer your doubts and guide you towards the best solutions for you and your project.

What we do

Our Services

Printing on fabrics

Printing on clothing and fabrics, even by the metre, with the best techniques on the market.

We specialize in printing for fashion clothing with a large fleet of machines dedicated to knitwear fabrics and technical fabrics for sport and work.

We print and customize finished garments, accessories and every type of fabric, even by the metre, with the addition of graphics, patterns, photos, logos, images, writings or embroidery.

Print on demand

The ideal solution for eCommerce, to reduce warehouse costs and manage orders efficiently.

Our Print on Demand (POD) service allows you to easily organize the creation from the idea to the finished product and to have competent and reliable partners able to always recommend the most advantageous choice for you. We are the arm, you are the mind.

We support your eCommerce

We print and ship only what is ordered on your online store, without additional warehouse costs.

We manage activities in lean mode: we work alongside your eCommerce, we share all information with you, in total transparency, and we synchronize our order management software with the main CMS and marketplaces (Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, etc.).

Third party clothing

Create your clothing line in collaboration with a team of industry experts.

The third-party clothing production service is an all-inclusive package dedicated to those who intend to create their own clothing line or collection entirely in Tissquad.

What's included

Creation of graphic sketches







Inventory and returns management

Personalized workwear

Add prints and embroidery to make your work uniforms unique

We customize your workwear with techniques suitable for high visibility or toughness, protective, water-repellent, resistant and fireproof fabrics. We make sure that your team has an identity that unites them in the long term, while respecting security.

Logistics and shipping

The logistics partner for third-party warehouses and optimized management of orders and shipments.

Logistics is a strategic asset for all companies and we at Tissquad, engaged for years in third-party clothing, have built a network of national and international suppliers chosen for their stability and reliability.

We continuously improve the purchasing experience of your customers, who will feel welcomed by a punctual and qualified service. This way you can focus on your core business, leaving the efficient supply chain management to us.

We are committed to always offering you a more sustainable choice of packaging made from recycled paper and plastic.

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We respond to all your needs

Thanks to the advice of our experts you will receive a free quote based on your specific needs and suitable for your business.

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