Digital marketers and innovators:

serving the companies of the new era.
Digital marketers and innovators:
serving the companies of the new era.
About us

The Group

Bhblasted operates in the digital world through research, development and testing of the most scalable products on the market. It promotes the use of cutting-edge tools to ensure the growth of its daughter companies: Blowhammer, Adtucon, Bhbroke, Tissquad.

The range of services offered by its companies includes: just in time production of innovative and eco-sustainable streetwear, media management and performance advertising, production of made-to-order clothing, research and development of e-commerce and both B2C and B2B products.

The Vision

A solid vocation

Between streetwear and digitalisation: our multi-sectoral approach

The group has evolved over the time, always remaining faithful to the adoption of digital solutions to simplify production and business management processes.

Simplicity, efficiency and innovation are at the heart of its business model and its winning synergy which includes machine learning techniques, software and highly advanced automation systems.


Building today to preserve tomorrow: constant commitment to environmental sustainability is an integral part of our corporate DNA.


Rethinking what is possible: innovation as a driver of transformation, pushing the boundaries of what is feasible ever further.


Not just bigger, but better: balancing growth and efficiency to build a lasting, profitable business.

The units

Company family

New Updates

Latest News

  • Bhblasted
  • Posted by Bhblasted
11 June 2024

The collective of designers and artists arrives for the first time at the Florentine fashion show to present the SS2025 collection and exclusively show its first drop Footwear

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  • Bhblasted
  • Posted by Bhblasted
7 June 2024

We are proud to announce our participation in the 106th edition of Pitti Uomo

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  • VisioDP
  • Posted by VisioDP
22 March 2024

The collective of designers and artists presents the streetwear fashion of change

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