Blowhammer reinvents itself: a new chapter of independence and individuality in streetwear

The collective of designers and artists presents the streetwear fashion of change

Blowhammer inaugurates its new era and presents its rebranding which, starting from its roots, does not give up on renewing itself and proposing something new and exclusive, carrying forward the mission of revolutionizing streetwear fashion. This does not only concern the offer in terms of product and image, but the very identity of the brand which transforms, with time and needs, reflecting the dedication to innovation and excellence while maintaining the essence linked intact to its name and the values ​​that have always defined it. Blowhammer stands for true stylistic independence, presenting collections that celebrate individuality and promote a more transparent future.

For over a decade, in fact, the brand created by Salvatore Sinigaglia has consolidated its presence on the Italian and European digital markets thanks both to the uniqueness of the design and the scalability of its business model and to the continuous attention to environmental impact through increasingly responsible production. This is a necessity dictated by an “unfast fashion” philosophy, which favors a circular economy, guaranteeing total transparency on our products.

«Blowhammer was born from a dream: to break the conventions of fashion by offering not only sustainable garments far from passing trends, but also a way to express oneself in an authentic way. Through the adoption of a ‘just-in-time’ production model and direct sales to the consumer, we are committed to minimizing CO2 emissions and combating overproduction. Innovation and art guide our journey, fusing collective creativity with the mission of combining fashion and sustainability. Through rebranding, we strengthen this commitment by urging everyone to join a revolutionary fashion that celebrates singularity.»

Explains the CEO and Founder of Blowhammer, Salvatore Sinigaglia.

A brand that aspires to become a leader in the European streetwear fashion market and that wants to affirm, in an even more decisive way, its values ​​through a memorable rebranding that aims to respond to the needs of the market and its requests for information on the origin and quality of the products, communicating the advantages of its production chain in a clear and transparent manner.

Blowhammer’s new identity puts the person at the center so that they can express their unmistakable individuality in clothing, creating an emotional connection with what they wear.

«The people we address are rebels and non-conformists, but these are not just labels but rather it is the spirit that animates anyone who chooses Blowhammer, regardless of age or gender. Expanding our horizon beyond men’s fashion, we are thrilled to announce that the brand now embraces women and children as well. Our new collection was designed for everyone.»

Sinigaglia concludes.

In a scenario of prevailing greenwashing and ephemeral initiatives in the name of social commitment, Blowhammer takes the field with effective means to produce change real through a disruptive style and peculiar aesthetic whose objective is to launch a direct and no-frills message in order to respond and destroy social infrastructures by preferring the raw essence of noise to the sterility of cleanliness, both in design and philosophy, thanks to a painstaking search for harmony between meaning and graphic and photographic components. The new rebranding, in fact, inevitably leads to reflection, as Piero Unisono, Creative Director of Blowhammer, explains:

«We believe that freedom of expression and authenticity are the only antidotes against homologation. We live in times in which the uniqueness of each person risks being compressed into anonymous figures, making creative thinking not only precious but necessary.»